Camponotus caryae
  • Camponotus caryae

    Shiny Carpenter Ants

    Unlike the bulky, aggressive Camponotus pennsylvaicus, Camponotus caryae are known for their strikingly irridescent, elegant armor. At approsimxately half the size of Black Carpenter Ants, C. caryae are a perfect in-between and all around wonderful moderate species to keep. 

    • Minor Worker Size: 4 -5 mm

      Major Worker Size: 6 -7 mm

      Queen Size: 12 -13 mm


      Subfamily: Formicinae

      Species Tribe: Myrmentoma


      Coloration/Hue: Irridescent Black

      Nuptial Flight (TOY): April - May

      Nuptial Flight (TOD): Night


      Polymorphic: Yes

      Polygynous: No

      Polydomous: No