Pogonomyrmex occidentalis
  • Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

    Western Harvester Ants

    Pogonomyrmex is a genus of very unique ants. At the size of Carpenter ants with the polymorphism of Pheidole, Harvester ants are arguably some of the most spectacular insects in the world, let alone the United States. "Bearded" Pogonomyrmex workers frequently store and feed on seeds (hence the common name) and some species are known to deliver the most potent stings ever.

    Pogonomyrmex occidentalis is the first species to have been added to the United States Department of Agriculture's live specimen interstate travel whitelist. This means that even without an APHIS permit, colonies of this species are allowed to be sold to any state within the continental United States.


    • Worker Size: 6.5 - 8 mm

      Queen Size: 8.5 - 10 mm


      Subfamily: Myrmicinae

      Species Tribe: Pogonomyrmecini


      Coloration/Hue: Bright orange/red

      Nuptial Flight (TOY): July

      Nuptial Flight (TOD): Midday - afternoon


      Polymorphic: Yes

      Polygynous: No

      Polydomous: No