Tetramorium immigrans
  • Tetramorium immigrans

    Pavement Ants

    Tetramorium immigrans, recently distinguished from its European counterpart, Tetramorium caespitum/Sp.E, has been a prevalent invasive presence in the United States for centuries. Unlike the notoroius Red Imported Fire Ant, Pavement Ants are less aggressive to humans and not quite as destructive.

    • Minor Worker Size: 3.5 - 4 mm

      Queen Size: 9 - 10 mm


      Subfamily: Myrmicinae

      Species Tribe: Crematogastrini


      Coloration/Hue: Dark Brown to Black

      Nuptial Flight (TOY): Late May - June

      Nuptial Flight (TOD): Early Morning


      Polymorphic: No

      Polygynous: No

      Polydomous: No